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PNY GeForce GTX 670 Unboxing

SilenX EFX-10-12 Effizio 100mm Silent Case Fan

OCZ Technology Revo Drive 3 Series 240GB PCIe

Rollback / Restore T-Mobile HTC Amaze to Stock Rom

If you have an S-ON HTC Amaze running a custom recovery and ROM, then you might run into some trouble when attempting to revert your HTC Amaze to entirely stock, factory configuration. Most of the information available online is either incomplete or entirely incorrect. As such, I thought that it might be helpful to list the steps I needed to complete before I could successfully rollback my HTC Amaze and use HTC's official ICS update. The software mentioned in this guide is Windows specific.

0) Download and install the HTC Drivers from here.

1) Download the "HTC Amaze 4G All-In-One Toolkit V3.2" from here. Launch the application and run the "Mainver Error Fix" - this will allow you to downgrade. Next, use the "Relock Bootloader" command; you will not be able to downgrade unless you run this step. Be sure, if you have SuperCID, to revert that as well (you will know if you configured SuperCID or not).

2) Download the stock system image "" from here. I suggest using "" to speed up the download.

3) Rename the file to "" and place it in the root of your SD card (it will not be read from your internal memory, you must use an SD card).

4) Turn off your device and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery and simultaneously hold the volume down and power buttons (to boot fastboot).

5) Fastboot will detect the image file on your external storage. After it completes loading, accept the "update" - this will revert you to stock (including recovery and radio).

6) Now, after the process completes, you will be able to run the "HTC Software" OTA update for ICS.

If you have any questions, need clarification, or have suggestions of your own, please post to this thread - I hope this information is useful.

Orient CFT Rally Semi-Skeleton Watch

HTC Amaze Camera Problem

Digital Concepts TR9 / Vivitar VIV-VPT-1250 Tripod

Computer Won't Boot with All Ram Slots Filled

Today, I decided to add another stick of Kingston DDR2 ValueRAM to the minecraft server (using an AMD 760G chipset). Unfortunately, when all of the RAM slots on the motherboard are populated, the server was unable to successfully load the operating system. Simply put, after loading, the operating system would output a completely black screen (whether Windows XP, Windows 2003, or Ubuntu).

The RAM in question is meant to run at 800 MHz. Unfortunately, budget AMD motherboards are notorious for having issues running memory at stock clocks. Luckily, there are two ways that you can fix this issue. If you don't feel like fiddling around too much, you can go into the BIOS and lower the working frequency of your memory (i.e., 800 to 667 MHz). If you want your memory to run as advertised, you will need to incrementally bump all of your voltages up (I recommend just going +0.05, but +0.1 might be okay). This includes the Northbridge, RAM, and even HT.

Worse comes to worst, inspect the area around your RAM slots for bulging capacitors - you could have a faulty motherboard!

HTC Amaze - TPU Case & Steinheil Screen Protector

HTC Sensation vs HTC Amaze - First Impressions

And for anyone interested, here is a side-by-side comparison of the HTC Sensation vs the HTC Amaze (in terms of technical specifications).

4.96 x 2.57 x 0.44 in
5.22 oz
HSDPA 14.4 Mbit/s
1200 MHz Qualcomm MSM8260
768 MB RAM
1000 MB Storage
0.3 megapixel Front-facing Camera
350 hours Stand-by Time

5.12 x 2.58 x 0.46 in
6.10 oz
HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s
1500 MHz Qualcomm APQ8060
1024 MB RAM
16000 MB Storage
2 megapixel Front-facing Camera
265 hours Stand-by Time

Windows XP Accessing Windows 7 Share Access Denied

If you are attempting to share a folder, file, or drive on a Windows 7 computer and access it through a Windows XP system, you might run into "Access Denied" or "is not accessible" errors. There are a few settings you will need to change to correctly configure your share.

Right-click on item -> Select "Properties" Context -> "Sharing" -> "Advanced Sharing" -> "Share this folder" -> "Apply" -> "OK"

Select "Security" Tab -> "Edit" -> "Add" -> Under "Enter the object names to select" type "Everyone" (no quotation marks) -> "Apply" -> "OK"

This issue is due to Windows 7 not automatically matching sharing and security settings.

Also, you may want to try disabling "Password protected sharing" under Windows 7's "Advanced Sharing Settings".

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Accessing an STL Priority Queue's Container

Unfortunately for us C++ junkies, Bjarne's priority queue implementation is slightly lacking. If you don't want to jump ship and use the boost library, but still want to gain some additional priority queue functionality, you might be in luck. This small modification extends the priority queue and allows you to directly access the underlying container. This means, especially if you're using a vector, you have full freedom to iterate through your entire priority queue. This makes algorithms like the infamous A* pathfinder much simpler to implement.


template <class T, class S, class C>
    S& Container(std::priority_queue<T, S, C>& q) {
        struct HackedQueue : private std::priority_queue<T, S, C> {
            static S& Container(std::priority_queue<T, S, C>& q) {
                return q.*&HackedQueue::c;
    return HackedQueue::Container(q);

int main()
    std::priority_queue<SomeClass> pq;
    std::vector<SomeClass> &tasks = Container(pq);
    return 0;
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