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Here at reviewstash, I have a couple of simple-minded beliefs that I think are key to a great website environment. The first of which, is having quality moderated content with a consumer-perspective, the second being a strong, friendly community, and the third having an open-minded and "humorous" perspective on dry "techno-babble".

Without "laffs", "lols", "humor", "funnies", or however else you crazy people like to refer to it (tomatoe, tomato), the very foundation of this community is compromised. It's the very thing that makes our website seem like a very open, welcoming, and friendly group; which we are.

Why, would someone read a boring wall of text, pictures, and unoriginal content ctrl+v'd from the website of the product? At reviewstash, I don't do that - I look at the product from a non-biased, consumer prospective. What's right for one person, might not be right for another, so instead of "points" or "awards", I review and rate a product as it should be, by usability.

You can also create your own news, reviews, articles, and even vote and rank other users based on their content.

I think that this website is rock-solid, and you'll be sure to enjoy your stay here; but if you find any problems, please report them in our feedback section, and be sure to hit up that register link, it only takes a few seconds to join our community!


12/20/07 5:10 PM

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